Top 5 accounting and bookkeeping questions answered for you

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Before hiring any accounting firm or an accountant, it would be wise to understand what accounting and book keeping means. It will help you to know the several roles and duties performed by an accountant. Thus, a firm cannot cheat you by charging more and delivering less.

If you have any other questions than the ones mentioned in this article, it would be best to clear with the accounting firm beforehand. We have some of the most common questions asked by most companies in relation to accounting and bookkeeping. These are answered by experts in ACCOTAX accounting and bookkeeping.

Top 5 accounting and bookkeeping questions answered for you:

  1. Can an accountant help me design my small business?
  • Yes, an accountant can help you plan the budget, check liabilities, control finances, and guide you on how to track your expenses. In fact it is one of the core decisions that most companies hire an accountant.
  1. Do I need to operate with different bank accounts for business?
  • You don’t have to operate with different bank accounts. However, more accountants will recommend that you do that. It helps to file taxes and plan budget for business efficiently. You can seek an accountant’s guidance on choosing the right bank and completing bank formalities for opening an account.
  1. How can I arrange finances for my business?
  • Every startup needs to keep financial planning on top priority. Even if you wish to finance your small business, you must first analyze the source of funds, expenses, and returns. A good accountant will guide you on how you can approach investors instead of borrowing funds.
  1. How should I make note of my business transactions?
  • There are two ways; one is to record the transactions manually or keep every invoice saved with you. Another is to outsource an accounting firm and let them do the needful. They are qualified and experienced professionals. Thus, they make note of every income and expense related to your day-to-day activity.
  1. What are the different types of accountant and accounting?
  • Before hiring an accountant, you must know what role you are expecting them to play. An accounting firm hired accountant for different roles such as; financial accounting, administrative accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, and tax accounting.

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