Designing a playground: Don’t forget these 7 principles

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Playgrounds and parks, whether it is for public use, a school, or a private yard, require deliberate planning. There are several aspects to consider because, typically, these spaces cater to a young and playful audience. If your project is based in Ontario or other areas of Canada, consider checking Inspire Play shade structures for ideas. We have enlisted the seven principles that need your attention.

  1. Effective use of space is paramount: Even when the area is constrained, it is important to have enough room to balance sheltered zones and outdoor spaces. Ensure that the design doesn’t compromise the flow of the available area.
  2. Safety over everything: Playground incidents are not uncommon, and preventing such occurrences is an immediate priority. Keep the focus on safety, whether it is about choosing equipment or leaving space between activity zones.
  3. Choose innovative equipment: While conventional active play zones are still essential, many companies are now developing playground equipment that stands out for innovation and diversity. Creativity should fuel the choice of playsets.
  4. Set a budget: The budget is one of the most relevant factors for designing any public space or commercial playground, and besides the upfront costs, other things like maintenance and repairs should be a part of the budgeting process.
  5. Set a timeline: Unless you have clear goals about completing the project on time, you may have a hard time adhering to the financial aspects. The timeline should consider contingencies but shouldn’t be too elaborate as it can add to the costs.
  6. Focus on sheltered zones: All commercial and private playgrounds and parks should have sheltered spaces. Play shelters need to be durable and aesthetic, and the right choice of material can make a big difference. Steel structures are durable, but fabric-inspired designs are also worth considering.
  7. Keep maintenance in your mind: Ensure that your maintenance plan includes the factor of depreciation. Playground sets and equipment need replacement at some point, while regular repairs are just as essential for safety.

Finally, collaborate with the right teams to bring designs and concepts to life. Don’t step back from using materials that are truly new-age, and there is no harm in trying new design themes. Even a regular park for children can have the equipment to keep the adults busy, and creating a more appealing space is about catering to every age group for better footfall. Check online for playground equipment design and surface options.  

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