Buccal Fat Removal: Everything You Need To Know About Cheek Fat Removal

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Cheek fat removal (ตัดไขมันกระพุ้งแก้ม, which is the term in Thai), or Buccal fat removal, contributes to surgically constructing a slimmer face. In surgical terms, the face pads are removed from the lower cheek. To briefly talk about the surgery, buccal fat removal eliminates the lower cheek fat so that your face can get the needed narrow shape, concentrating more on the jawline and cheekbones of the face.

Potential Benefits Of Buccal Fat Removal

If you want to get cheek fat removal, you must be familiarised with the below-mentioned benefits:

· Enhanced Facial Definition

This is the primary benefit of the surgery that everybody wants to enjoy, and you get the same benefit. After undergoing a successful journey, you enjoy a defined cheekbone bone and jawline. As a result of this, you get a sculpted face.

· Permanent Results

After the surgery, once the buccal fats are removed from your face, you will witness permanent results since they don’t regenerate. Thus, with buccal fat removal surgery, you enjoy a long-term effect.

· Easy And Simple Procedure

Just like the name, the surgery is uncomplicated and simple. The best thing about this surgery is that you can go home the same day after a successful surgery. After that, you should be able to do your usual activity within a few weeks.

· Minimum To No Scarring

This surgery leaves you with minimal scarring as the surgery is done on the cheek’s inner side. Even if there are scars, they will remain hidden and hence won’t be noticeable enough.

Eligible Candidate For Buccal Fat Removal

There are specific terms and conditions that you are required to meet to be eligible for cheek fat removal, and they are as follows:

  1. Candidate should be mentally and physically fit and healthy
  2. No matter what your body weight is, you must have a chubby or round face naturally
  3. The candidate has a strong desire to get those refined and sharp cheekbones
  4. Candidates should have a realistic vision and expectations from the surgery.

Winding Up!

After you are done with your surgery, your doctor will provide you with all the precautions that you need to take. So make sure you are all ears when he is reciting the preventions. One of the precautions he may ask you to take is rinsing your mouth to prevent any spread of potential infection because, let’s face it, nobody wants an infected face after getting the surgery. So, if you are planning to get buccal fat surgery, ensure you are thoroughly familiar with the whole concept, some of which are mentioned above.

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