Whisker wisdom – How CBD Oil works and why you’re cat deserves it?

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The most attentive cat parent can’t shield their fur baby from every health hardship. From inflammatory conditions to anxiety to the inevitabilities of aging, cats confront their share of distress. Luckily, an exciting new supplement called CBD oil is gaining immense popularity for its ability to safely and effectively ease diverse issues diminishing kitty wellness. CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of over 100 active compounds produced by hemp and cannabis plants. But unlike its well-known cousin THC responsible for marijuana’s signature “high”, CBD is completely non-intoxicating. 

It interacts with mammalian endocannabinoid systems tasked with governing homeostasis to elicit profound therapeutic benefits ranging from pain relief to reduced inflammation and more. These endocannabinoid pathways influence every major system associated with health and healing. Supplementing with plant-derived cbd for cats restores deficient endocannabinoid tone that allows illness to gain footing. In essence, CBD provides the raw materials to help the body help itself regain balance – whisking away whatever ails a beloved feline companion gently and naturally.  

Does CBD oil ease cat miseries?

The versatility of CBD in tackling an array of feline troubles relates directly to the critical roles endocannabinoids play in promoting homeostasis (balance) on a cellular level. CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors concentrated in the brain, organs, tissues, glands, and more to relax overactive alarm signals and calm chaos. Relieving a stressed gastrointestinal system, dampening haywire immune responses mistakenly attacking healthy tissues, limiting destruction from rampant inflammation, inhibiting out-of-control cell proliferation in cancer growths and much more all fall within CBD’s wheelhouse. By harmonizing foundational dysfunction driving disease, CBD restores order so the body can heal itself.

  1. Pain relief – CBD activates pathways that diminish pain signals for substantial relief from chronic issues like arthritis to acute injuries requiring convalescence.
  2. Anti-inflammatory – By reducing inflammatory signaling cascades body-wide, CBD can calm the root source of countless diseases from inflammatory bowel disease to painful arthritis, skin allergies, and beyond.
  3. Reduced anxiety – Overstimulated cats plagued by environmental stressors benefit emotionally and physically from CBD’s influence on receptors governing the fight-or-flight nervous system.
  4. Anti-nausea – CBD has the proven ability to ease nausea and gagging from various sources like chronic kidney issues, chemotherapy side effects, anxiety-related GI upset, and more to improve appetite.
  5. Cancer support – Emerging research confirms CBD limits dangerous proliferation and spread of malignant growths while mitigating side effects cats may experience from various cancer treatments.
  6. Fewer seizures – For cats suffering recurrent seizures, CBD has demonstrated a reliable ability to reduce frequency and severity by restoring stability to electrically excitable brain tissues.


 Always opt for organic, American-grown hemp-free of toxic solvents. It should be third-party tested for safety, potency, and purity with easily accessible certificates. Make certain the oil is specifically made for feline consumption using only the best emulsified carrier oils and cat-appropriate flavorings. Finally, check the company’s reputation and read reviews highlighting actual customer experiences with the product and how it benefited their cat’s health issues. Following these tips helps find CBD oil worthy of your fabulous feline.


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