Shaft Coupling Bearing: An Ultimate Guide For The First-Time Buyers

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Are you a beginner and need to learn about Shaft couplings? FK shaft coupling bearing (ลูกปืนจับยึดปลายเพลา FK, which is the term in Thai) joins rotating shafts and controls the vibrations caused by shaft misalignment. Depending on your machine alignment accuracy and torque needs, a coupling can be rigid or flexible. Therefore, you can use shaft couplings on your machines with two rotating shafts, such as motors, pumps, compressors, and generators, to transmit power and torque.

Types Of Shaft Coupling Bearing

Now, let us know the popular types of shaft bearings available.

· Beam Couplings

Beam couplings can often handle parallel misalignments up to 0.025 inches. They are commonly helpful in motion control systems with torque requirements far below 100 lbft.

· Gear Couplings

Gear couplings have two components- flange and hub. The hubs have mesh with the flange’s internal gearing. Because of this feature, a gear coupling can transmit much torque.  Besides, the torque it can transfer grows as the gear spike becomes more prominent and the speed increases.

· Bellows Couplings

People prefer Bellows coupling for Motion control. They have a series of metal coils. Besides, their high torsional rigidity is crucial for positioning systems. However, they can transmit torque similarly to beam couplings. Torsionally rigid couplings have a lower tolerance for angular and parallel misalignment.

· Roller Chain Couplings

Double-strand roller chains join radial sprocket hubs in roller chain couplings. This mechanism transmits the Torque through the chain and sprockets when their teeth interlock. It clears the machine for misalignment in the chain’s length, width, or orientation.

· Jaw Couplings

Generally, Jaw couplings, which include multi-jawed hubs that match with elastomeric spiders, are valuable in motion control and low-power transmission applications. The layout eliminates the need for a backlash spring to transmit torque.

Consideration Before Buying Shaft Coupling Bearing

As a buyer, you should decide whether to use the FK shaft coupling bearing for motion control or power transmission.

Generally, transmission in small torques happens in motion control applications. In contrast, power transmission couplings can withstand a broader range of torques.

Sometimes, regular maintenance becomes challenging. Thanks to lubricant-free power couplings, they are the lifesaver.

Metal couplings, such as chains, gear, etc., require lubrication. So, you will get lubrication-free gearing; typically, they have nylon or plastic components. However, these lubricant-free variants lack the torque capacity.

Now you decide to buy your bearing as per the need of the machine. If you still need help determining, consult with the dealer to guide you.

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