Double Eyelid Surgery: Everything You Need To Know Before You Go For It

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For those of us who desire naturally beautiful eyes, the field of cosmetic surgery offers a solution: Eyelid surgery (ทำตา, which is the term in Thai). This procedure, involving precise incisions and suturing of the upper eyelids, can enhance the shape of our eyes. Before you consider this surgery, it’s crucial to grasp its intricacies. This understanding will empower you to achieve your desired results. So, let’s explore the procedure in detail and determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Who Is Eligible For Double Eyelid Surgery?

Everyone has a different face structure, and double eyelid surgery does not answer every problem. So, if you have any of the following issues, you can consult an expert for a double eyelid surgery:

· Single Eyelid

If you have a single eyelid and look forward to having carved and beautiful-looking eyes, you can go for eyelid surgery.

· Drooping Eye Issues

Double eyelid surgery will give you the confidence to look better if your eyes look drooped because of any medical issues.

· Unequal Eyes

If your eye shape is not proportionate, you can take up for the surgery and eyet exactly equal eyes.

· Excess Eyelids Or Extra Eyelid Fat

Excess eyelids or extra eyelid fat can affect the shape of your eyes, making them look uneven or drooped. An eyelid surgery by a professional can help you resolve the issue.

· Weak Eye Muscles

Weak eye muscles not only affect your vision but also change your eyes’ shape. Ensure you resolve this issue and consult the doctor for the surgery within time.

Different Double Eyelid Surgery Techniques

Double eyelid surgery also involves different techniques and procedures. Some of them are:

  • Long incision technique
  • Short incision technique
  • 3-point sewing technique
  • Mor Ruang Khao’s technique
  • LASER technique

Every procedure is different, and so are its advantages and disadvantages. Also, consult your doctor, who understands your case and offers the best treatment possible. Also, ensure that you follow all the instructions from the doctor after the procedure so that you can recover quickly from the surgery wounds and lead a normal life as early as possible.

Double eyelid surgery in any form provides you with beautiful and natural-looking eyes. However, consult an experienced professional to get the desired results without pain and regret. Additionally, make sure that you ask everything about the procedure before the procedure so that you are relaxed during the procedure and enjoy getting the new look.

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